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Avington Footpath

posted 14 Apr 2021, 04:12 by Kintbury Parish Council

West Berkshire Council has received a claim for a footpath to be established at Avington so that the current footpath would allow access to the A4 ad vice versa.
West Berks Council has written to the Parish Council as follows:
"In 2020, we received an application from the Ramblers asking WBC to make an order to record a public footpath across the end of Avington Manor drive area,

as shown on the attached plan. We are now investigating the matter and looking into what available evidence there is.


I would be grateful if the parish council could let me have any comment or information about use of the route, particularly any recollections about the history

of any access/closures/signs/problems/access in the past.


It would be particularly useful if any parishioners that have ever use the route could fill in a user evidence form (see attached) and mark the route on the blank ‘UEF’ map attached - this is a two page questionnaire with a map attached that people can fill in to give information such as how long many years they have used the route, the frequency of use, and any recollections about signs/closures/problems/events on the route etc."

Maps and the necessary evidence forms are attached:

Anyone who has knowledge of use of the claimed path may complete and submit an evidence form and map to West Berks Council.


posted 3 Apr 2021, 06:15 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 14 Apr 2021, 04:14 ]

The Annual Assembly will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 29 April 2021 via Zoom. Further details and an Agenda will be posted here before the meeting.

The Agenda for the meeting is attached below.


posted 3 Apr 2021, 06:09 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 13 May 2021, 01:40 ]

A further vacancy has occurred following the resignation of Mr Paul Bateman. Notice dated 19 April 2021 below.
The Council is seeking candidates to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Paul Bateman by co-option and the advertisement is posted below

Lateral Flow testing for Covid at Hungerford

posted 18 Feb 2021, 07:54 by Kintbury Parish Council

West Berks Council has announced that Testing is going live on Monday  February 22nd. Access to the website is included in attached document

Regulation 18 Consultation on the Emerging Draft of the West Berkshire Local Plan Review to 2037

posted 21 Jan 2021, 07:22 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 19 Feb 2021, 07:27 ]

The Consultation is ongoing until 5 February and the contact details are:    https://info.westberks.gov.uk/localplanreview2037
The proposal for Kintbury is attached.  KIN6.
The Parish Council has commented on the consultation document and the comments are shown below.

Vacancy declared 21 January 2021

posted 21 Jan 2021, 02:23 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 28 Apr 2021, 06:38 ]

Following the sad announcement of the death of Ruth Kaye a vacancy has been declared as on the attached notice.

This vacancy has been filled by Ms Elizabeth Parrott, by co-option.

Annual Parish Assembly 2020 - Cancelled

posted 6 Apr 2020, 08:54 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 30 Aug 2020, 19:38 ]

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Self isolation and the subsequent closure of the Coronation Hall the Annual Parish Assembly planned for 23 April 2020 has been cancelled.
When circumstances change the Council will consider whether to hold the meeting at some other date.

Parish Council Meetings - COVID-19

posted 19 Mar 2020, 07:13 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 19 Mar 2020, 07:13 ]

The spread of the virus has caused the Kintbury Coronation Hall to be closed and it will be difficult/impossible to hold future Council Meetings. The Council is planning to undertake business by email. At present, it is intended that there will still be published Agendas and Minutes through the current circumstances but there will be no physical meetings that the public can attend. Further advice on other Statutory Meetings is awaited.

PUBLIC MEETING 5 March 2020 - Development proposals

posted 16 Feb 2020, 03:09 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 05:26 ]

A Public Meeting is to take place on Thursday 5 March 2020 at 7.30pm in the Coronation Hall to discuss development proposals, that have been put forward by developers, to be considered for inclusion in the West Berks Local Plan 2026-36.
Following the Public Meeting the Parish Council considered the responses from those present and the attachment below is the submission sent to West Berks Council - Helaa Sites - Kintbury Parish Council Views.

Parking Proposals Kintbury - Consultation

posted 4 Aug 2019, 06:53 by Kintbury Parish Council   [ updated 8 Aug 2019, 09:06 ]

After discussions with Kintbury Parish Council, West Berks Council are undertaking a consultation exercise with residents who live near to the proposed parking restrictions. Please see plans below. The consultation runs from 8 August to 29 August 2019.
More information and contact details at  www.westberks.gov.uk/consultations

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