Public Conveniences - Consultation

Post date: Aug 22, 2014 9:13:54 PM

The Public Conveniences, by the level crossing, are under threat of closure by West Berkshire Council at the end of September 2014 and Kintbury Parish Council has agreed to pay for them to stay open from 1 October 2014 to 31 March 2015. The Canal and River Trust has agreed to provide additional funding to reduce the burden on the Parish Council and Council Tax payers.

The Parish Council would like to hear whether Kintbury residents would like the Parish Council to continue to pay for the Conveniences after April 2015 or whether they should be closed.

Whilst the current cost of £12,600 per annum is likely to increase by inflation over the years, the Parish Council intends to keep the costs as low as possible and seek funding from elsewhere. About £2,000 per annum has been promised by the Canal and River Trust so Kintbury Parish Council would have to meet the remainder. This would mean that each household in Kintbury would have to pay, on average, £10 a year in Council tax to keep the facilities open.

The Conveniences are felt to be an important facility for the Village, train passengers and visitors and the Parish Council would like to continue to keep them open and has the option to buy them from West Berks Council at nil cost. This would mean that the Parish Council could improve the area and meet other aspirations, which are included in the Parish Plan, relating to the area around the Canal and Lock, making it a more desirable space for residents and visitors alike.

Should Kintbury Parish Council keep the conveniences open?

The Parish Council would like to know what villagers think about this and welcome their comments before making a decision. Please send your comments via email to or in writing to be posted in the Response Box at the Corner Stores no later than 30 September 2014.

Thank you.